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Monday, May 11, 2020

Finger Painted Blooms Canvas - Wellspring 2020

Another prep lesson for Wellspring 2020, this time by Erica Evans, was to create a canvas of finger painted flowers.  This is about having fun with the materials, not over-thinking the process and seeing where it takes you.

Since it was Mother's Day and my daughter was willing, we did these canvases together.  Hers is the peachy flowers, mine is the purple.  There is a lot of texture to these flowers.  I loved that we spent this time together and that she obliged me and my craftiness.  She actually had fun too!

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Finding the Positive - Art Journal Page - Wellspring 2020

Another prep class for Wellspring 2020 was this lesson by Carisa Zglobicki.  The idea is to journal through your feelings and thoughts on a blank page and then cover it up and focus on positive thoughts.  I loved the whole idea of this and plan to do more of it!!

I was able to use my new DW gloss sprays and had a lot of fun stencilling (Donna Downey stencils) and collaging.  This time I used DW's white printed collage paper.  I like it, it's taking some getting used to.  When I collage tissue paper I prefer the paper to blend into the background and become invisible so this is a bit different for my liking.

Friday, May 01, 2020

Connected - Art Journal Page - Wellspring 2020

One of the bonus lessons prior to the May start of Wellspring 2020 was this 'Connected' lesson by Katy Leitch.  In this lesson we are recording our goals on a journal page - personal and artistic.  I used DW scribble sticks and a waterbrush for the colouring and several DW stamps.  I love the brightness of the colours in the circles!!

This was a fun process.  A couple of the circles I almost started over, but I persevered and in the end, whatever little flaw I though was there no longer bothered me :)

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