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Friday, June 03, 2011

Cool New Copic Container!!

WOW!! I can't believe that all of May went by and not even a card to post! I have not been able to get into my scrap/spare room for that long! Renos began in the kitchen and snowballed into dining room and living room and entrance!!!!! Isn't that how it goes though. But I am not complaining - as you will soon see - it has turned out even better than I imagined it would! I've never had a dishwasher before, so loving that, cupbourds that paint is not chipping off of inside and out!! And the over the stove microwave - loving that as well!! Still no access to scraproom though as living room and entrance are still in the works and now that it's camping and gardening season, I don't see it happening too quickly!! I sure do miss creating!! I've picked up some great stuff though - some sweet Greeting Farm Stamps that I can't wait to use. And today I was in Canadian Tire and guess what I found! It's my new copic marker container and I love it! I've seen some similar on other blogs, but mine came with a bottle opener!! Pretty sure it wasn't meant for markers, but that's okay, the opener can go to camp!!

P.S. - that's my new countertop {squealing with delight} :)


Bron said...

Oooo the renos sound great. I envy you as I would love a new kitchen. Love the new copic container. Have fun camping too. Hugs bron :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Caroline! What a cute container! (and your countertop is beautiful!) I'm so happy for you. I just got a "new" kitchen, myself. Had to tear the old one out due to mold - yech! Hope it doesn't affect me physically.
Anyway, keep us updated with pics, honey!

Alice said...

LOVE your new Copic container! so cool. and glad to hear that the renovation is going well. hope you get to craft soon! =)

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