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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jar of Hearts

Surprisingly my daughter asked me for help in creating 'A Jar of Hearts' for her boyfriend.  She wanted to add 100 things she loved about him to the jar - 2 days before she planned to give it to him!!  So at first I was like okay - I grabbed all my punches, dies, papers and stamps that were love or valentine related, some spritzes and sprays and paints and began creating.  I tried to do something different on each one.  That got me to about 40 something and then I handed the job over to her lol.

Here is the jar that I made for the hearts - I just used my glue gun to add the paper and ribbon/twine to the lid.  Once they were all done, the jar was pretty full.


Kimberly Kett said...

Adorable idea!! I'm sure she appreciated your help and had fun finishing it :)

snappy scrappy said...

So cute!

Donna said...

You are a great mom! I would have handed the project over from the get go...but my daughter is a scrapbooker.

What you did is fabulous and the tickets in there with all the different hearts.

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