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Sunday, March 22, 2015

In My Craft Room ......

I'm so happy that my craft room is coming together!!  I'll share a couple pictures of the before and after so far!!  But first - here's a few things I picked up when I was planning the reno in my head.  I wanted to have a few nice things to display on my huge Ikea desks :)  I love this frame because I can easily change the display.  That little owl wobbles, so cute!!

Here's what my room looks like now.  This room started out as a spare room / office.  Then I began to put my craft stuff in there.  Then it was a puppy room for a while.  Now it's all mine!!!  It's still pretty cluttered, there's still more organizing to do and I need to hang some rails and shelves on the walls but at least it's functional now.  I have so many drawers now to organize!!!  They're not even all full yet :)

Here you can see my Raskog Utility Cart full of my mixed media supplies.  

Here is my makeshift sewing table with some 12 x 12 paper storage :)  My 6 x6 paper pads are in the two drawers on the left.

This is why I had to do something about my craft room :(  this is the last room in our house to be re-done and I was waiting to do the carpets, closet doors and baseboards, but I just ran out of patience and couldn't wait any longer so I started the redo anyway :)


snappy scrappy said...

Awesome looking craft room!!!

Tracy said...

Looks great!!!
I love the nice big window you have.
So nice to have a few empty drawers… least for a little while, teehee.
I am so excited for you :)

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Great room!!! You are very organized!!!

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