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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Crop & Create 2014 - new friend and new challenge

Hahaha toooo funny!!  Hello Tracy!!!

I was going to make a post about my new friend as well - I guess today is as good as any!!!

So a couple weeks ago, I had a comment on one of my blog posts from 'Tracy'.  She was commenting on a comment I made about Crop and Create.  We began emailing each other and quickly found out that we live in the same city and were both going to be attending the Crop and Create last weekend.  I was so excited to meet another crafter/blogger.  Turns out we've attended a couple crops at the same time but we've never met.  We probably did speak to each other or at least visit each others tables, I'm sure!!  Tracy is a fantastic crafter and blogger and I look forward to visiting her blog Tracys Treasures each day.  YES, I mean each day, I think she has a post every day :)

So during our many visits between classes and shopping at the store at Crop and Create we learned that we've both been wanting to try art journaling.  I have been interested and I've been reading and watching and trying to absorb all this newness, but I was afraid to make the jump.  Well, not any longer, Tracy came up with a brilliant idea, we are challenging each other to make an art journalling page.  We have a month!!  I hope we can challenge each other each month ;)  I invested in some paints and journaling books and now to try to put the ideas on paper!!!  Yikes!!!!

Tonight I tried playing with some chipboard letters and Crackle Distress Paint.  I can't believe it's probably been about four years since I've used it!  Still not sure how it's all going to come together, or if I'll end up using these, but it's fun to play :)

Anyway, so happy we met!!  Looking forward to more fun times.  I met a couple other ladies who were at my table at the Crop last weekend, they were two friends who were reconnecting after something like 20 years, Cindy and Sandy.  Hope to meet up with them again soon too :)


Tracy said...

Teehee, as they say Great minds :)
I was very happy to have met you at the crop and am so glad we hit it off….we did hit it off, right ;)
I am a bit nervous about our challenge…but like the lady told you, we can't make a mistake ;)
I bet I could prove her wrong ;)
Your letters look great…I see you have started to play already, good for you :)

Nicole Wright Designs said...

She does post EVERYDAY! She puts the rest of us bloggers to shame. Lucky you, I'm in Alberta so no chance of meeting at a crop. Tracy and I have been bloggy buddies for a few years! Enjoy new friendships.

Donna said...

What a fun challenge. I can't wait to see what you come up with and it's great to have a buddy to help you stay on track.

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